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We are Ontario’s property market experts. Our job is to assess and classify the value of the more than five million properties across the province and provide an accurate and impartial property inventory.
Our property assessments are used by municipalities to distribute property taxes. The work we do is vital input for government programs, business decisions and property transactions. Our data also helps identify changes and trends in communities and in property uses throughout Ontario.
Property owners can visit and log in to AboutMyProperty™ to learn more about how we assessed their property, see the information we have on file and compare their property to others in their neighbourhood. If a property owner disagrees with their assessment, they have the right to file a Request for Reconsideration and/or an appeal to the Assessment Review Board.

Ontario’s Property Assessment and Taxation System

Property assessments are determined.
Assessments are shared with municipalities.
Municipalities use the assessed values to set municipal tax rates.
Government of Ontario Establishes the province’s assessment and taxation laws and determines education tax rates.
MPAC Determines property assessments for all properties in Ontario.
Municipalities Determine revenue requirements, set municipal tax rates and collect property taxes to pay for municipal services.
Property Owners Pay property taxes which pay for services in the community, and also education taxes that help fund elementary and secondary schools in Ontario.
“I am proud that I am a part of a team of assessment professionals who excel at collaborating with each other and other departments. Collectively, we work to support MPAC’s corporate strategy while promoting a culture of excellence.”
Paul S. | Governance and Strategy
Did you receive a Property Assessment Notice from us?
We review properties every day. Whenever we make a change to a property’s details, we notify the property owner by mailing a Property Assessment Notice. Some of the most common changes we reflect are to ownership, assessed value or classification.