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People and culture

As outlined in our 2021-2025 Strategic Plan, MPAC is implementing new strategies for workforce and workspace planning and succession, and creating and implementing an Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism (EDIA) strategy, policy and metrics.

Elevating our workforce

Putting our people first is about making MPAC a great place to work, from the ground up. We are proud to boast impressive employee retention, with more than 50% of our employees having been with MPAC for more than 10 years. We are also honoured to share 85 employees have reached a milestone of 25 years or more. We are continuously inviting new talent to join our existing team of bright and innovative individuals to help co-create the future. This year, we amped up our efforts to attract and retain emerging talent by:
  • Fostering a culture of continuous learning, credibility, and professionalism. Our valuation employees are working towards obtaining recognized designations and our fully accredited valuation employees continue to grow in their personal development. By the end of 2022, 683 valuation employees held a recognized accreditation.
  • Including our commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion and anti-racism in our job postings and began embedding it into our hiring processes.
  • Investing in social media advertising and a new applicant tracking system.
  • Offering hybrid and flexible work options.
  • Focusing special efforts on IT recruitment.
Thanks to these continued efforts, MPAC was recognized as one of Greater Toronto’s Top Employers for the fourth year in a row.

Inspiring an inclusive workplace

In 2022, we began paving the way towards a more inclusive workplace and we have made impressive strides towards this goal:
  • MPAC continued to build employee engagement and involvement in EDIA initiatives, with over 250 employees taking part in an employee-led committee by the end of the year.
  • A third-party assessment of our workforce, culture and practices was completed through an EDIA lens, resulting in 43 recommendations for building a more equitable, diverse, inclusive, and anti-racist workplace.
  • Implemented the first of the 43 recommendations by hiring an Executive Director, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism.
  • We founded MPAC’s first EDIA office, led by an Executive Director, which will play a critical role in the continued success of our EDIA journey.
  • We also reviewed MPAC’s Flexible Work policies and began a review of our Code of Conduct through an EDIA lens, ensuring these corporate policies are inclusive and accessible to all MPAC employees.

Equity, Diversity Inclusion and Anti-Racism: By the numbers

6 events for Pride:
  • Virtual Leader Chat
  • 2SLGBTQIA+ resource library launched for employees
  • Pride Run/Walk fundraiser
  • 2SLGBTQIA+ panel discussion
  • 2 Flag Raisings at our Head office
  • International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia
  • Pride Month
8 learning opportunities for the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation
  • 3 Virtual Tours of the former Mohawk Institute Residential School (355 participants)
  • 2 Truth and Reconciliation Workshops (241 participants)
  • Employee article and Educational Resources made available to employees
  • Article from Nicole McNeill
  • National Day for Truth and Reconciliation online learning module (137 participants)
14 active weekly EDIA Coffee Chats with over 133 participants
(vs six coffee chats in 2021)
19 awareness articles on the intranet (topics such as implicit bias, Truth and Reconciliation, Pride Month, etc.)
19 employee PROfiles bringing awareness to days of religious or cultural significance
(an increase from six PROfiles in 2021)
34 employee webinars and training sessions in total
252 EDIA committee members
(24 when the initiative began in 2020)
“Our goal is to embed equity, diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism in every facet of the organization, and have it reflected in everything we do.”
Rupa Aggarwal
Executive Director, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism

Uniting our people

The importance of EDIA at MPAC resonated loudly during our 2022 Zone Meetings. After almost three years of working apart, these meetings brought us back together. Connecting over 1,600 employees at 11 meetings across the province, including a virtual session for those who were unable to attend in person, these meetings allowed for team members to reunite, and in some cases, even meet for the first time.
During these sessions, we heard powerful stories and shared meaningful moments. Over 500 employees completed a feedback survey, yielding overwhelmingly positive results, with our sessions focusing on EDIA leaving the most affirmative impression on attendees.
“The Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism initiative is important to me because it is driving the culture change here at MPAC. Each one of us has a role in ensuring that Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism is part of the fabric of our organization. Having a leadership role in this change has allowed me to actively take part in creating a workplace culture where diversity, inclusion and belonging is embraced, and equity truly exists.”
Judith Regis
Director, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism

Charting a path beyond the pandemic with flexible work options

Another important theme we explored during our 2022 Zone Meetings was the popularity of our flexible work options. This year, we introduced a flexible work pilot with varying schedule options to suit our diverse workforce, as part of our broader commitment to improving the employee experience.
The program was one of the first of its kind in Ontario’s public sector. Over the course of three phases, we gathered information about the benefits and challenges of offering a flexible work program. 
The pilot also supported operational goals as we navigated relaxing pandemic restrictions. It allowed us to chart a new path beyond the pandemic and adapt to the needs of our employees as we looked to the future of work, while also minimizing any impacts to our products and services.

Refreshing our workspaces

We cannot deny the pandemic changed how we work. It compelled us to take a fresh look at MPAC’s workplaces. After leading collaborative discussions with employees about what is most important to them, our team is considering how MPAC’s pivot to remote work during the pandemic has changed our workplace needs – for today, tomorrow, and the future.
As our IT Operations team continuously works to ensure MPAC resources are accessible from remote locations across the province, employees have been encouraged to use MPAC’s offices for essential activities, including team collaborations and meetings.
As a result, we have lowered our carbon footprint. This past year, MPAC has reduced its total Green House Gas emissions by 5.45% to a reported 503 Kg CO2e/FTE, exceeding our target of 532 Kg CO2e/FTE or less.
With an increased reliance on digital platforms, we have reduced our printers by 54% and we have committed to using 100% recycled paper for all MPAC multi-function printers and copiers. We also recycle all MPAC e-waste, such as laptops.  
In pursuit of a happier, healthier future, we are driving towards a cleaner environment with our vehicle inventory made up of 145 fuel-efficient vehicles, including 106 hybrid electric vehicles, which account for 73% of our entire fleet.

Fostering thriving communities

By investing in our employee health and well-being, we are taking strides towards a brighter future. In 2022, we increased our efforts through educational sessions focused on physical, emotional and mental health and providing direct access to a wide range of resources and support.
When employees feel safe, healthy, and respected at work, they are poised to make positive contributions to their community. We are proud to report in 2022, our employee-led Corporate Social Responsibility committees from offices across Ontario raised over $68,000 to invest in our communities. 
Our employees wholeheartedly participated in the Pride and Remembrance Walk-Run, championed animal welfare through the ‘Betty White Challenge’ and contributed to a greener Ontario by supporting the ‘Trees for Life’ tree planting initiative, in addition to leading Earth Day clean-ups across the province. MPAC also raised over $41,000 for Feed Ontario, providing over 124,000 meals to people facing food insecurity. 
We are also investing in future generations. In support of higher learning at post-secondary institutions, we awarded over $25,000 in scholarships in 2022 through MPAC’S Continuing Academic Excellence Awards and we participated in the Take our Kids to Work program.
“When employees feel safe, healthy, and respected at work, they are poised to make positive contributions to their community.”

Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives: by the numbers

$41,377 raised. We surpassed our corporate-wide goal of $25,000 in support of Feed Ontario.
Earth Day Cleanup with over 50% participation in Pembroke and Timmins.
$2,200 raised for the Betty White Challenge, and one lucky dog named Dewey found a home!
Food donations across the province to more than 10 locations.
Over $1,800 raised for Trees for Life: Trees for Heroes. Our Trenton office had the highest percentage of participation with 58%.