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At MPAC, we are driving continuous improvement. We do this by celebrating the professional achievements of our employees and maximizing their potential for growth.

Promoting professional development

As an employer dedicated to creating a culture of empowerment, MPAC promotes the continuous professional development of our valued team members so that our employees can best serve Ontario.
To support valuation staff in their daily work, MPAC’s Valuation and Assessment Standards team delivered enhanced training to valuation staff across the province, covering topics related to the cost and income approaches to value, and we developed new valuation standards and policies.
MPAC also introduced a career development program for Valuation and Customer Relations employees, encouraging knowledge-sharing and mentorship as MPAC’s assessors progress in their careers.
In support of continuous growth, we also introduced the Accreditation Speaker Series in 2023. This series of webinars helped educate employees on accreditation requirements to help them realize their career goals.
MPAC Employees Andrew Posteraro, Mark Hotte and Ashley Alladin received the prestigious W.J. Lettner Memorial Award from the Institute of Municipal Assessors for their exceptional performance. Other outstanding achievements include Shelby Roper’s receipt of the Carl B. Davis award, while Dong-hyuk Kang and David Bressi each received the Larry Hummel award. The celebration of their accomplishments helped to motivate others to strive for accreditation.
Meanwhile, our new Summer Student Mentorship Program encouraged employees to enhance their coaching and leadership skills by guiding students over 10 weeks.
I believe learning is a life-long process and it’s important to continue to invest in ourselves through academic and new experiences. It’s great to see MPAC supporting employees on their professional accreditation journey and providing resources to help navigate the process.”
Ivy L.
MPAC Employee

Encouraging workplace wellness

Practical and meaningful growth is important at MPAC. We prioritize health and wellness, and we strive to create a positive employee experience for MPAC’s diverse workforce.
To help ensure employees can bring their best selves to work, MPAC is proud to offer comprehensive wellness benefits to our employees, including access to our Employee and Family Assistance Program, which offers coaching services, financial planning, and mental health services to help MPAC employees reach their goals.
MPAC also offers wellness sessions for all staff, leaders and teams to promote wellbeing in the workplace.
In support of a better life-work balance for all employees, we extended our Flexible Work pilot to the end of 2023 with plans to make it permanent in 2024.

Our new Flexible Work Program offers employees the opportunity to customize their work environment and schedule according to their preferences, resulting in increased employee wellbeing and overall job satisfaction.
With flexible work and employee wellness in mind, we introduced our Workplace Strategy. This strategy promotes continuous evolution in our workplaces, fiscal responsibility, and a consistent brand experience.
Our vision for MPAC’s workplaces will better complement remote work and it will shape an environment where employees come together to collaborate and learn, fostering team cohesion.

Our People by the numbers

employees across Ontario.
participants in our Flexible Work Program.
accredited assessors.
members of MPAC’s Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism committee.
new employees joined MPAC’s workforce in 2023.
Cultural awareness articles featuring the lived experiences of MPAC employees.

MPAC Success Stories: Cultivating a great workplace

One of MPAC’s guiding principles is to put our people first. We are always seeking opportunities to elevate the employee experience and ensure their wellbeing is at the forefront of our decision-making.  
Our goal is to equip our employees with the tools they need to be industry pioneers who are prepared to lead the way forward, no matter what comes next.      We do this by fostering an innovative and inclusive learning environment within our workplace. For these reasons and many more, MPAC earned the title of Greater Toronto’s Top Employers for the fifth consecutive year.    The Canadian HR Reporter also recognized MPAC’s Human Resources department as one of the Best HR teams in Canada in the category of Innovative HR Teams for 2023, due to their efforts in transforming our organization with novel initiatives to attract, retain, and develop our workforce.