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A message from our leaders
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Message from the Board Chair

MPAC’s promise to bring more value to Ontario fuels everything we do. We are maximizing opportunities and setting ambitious goals for the organization during a complex time.
Our goals at MPAC go beyond property assessment. We understand assessments are the foundation of investments in our communities, and we are committed to working with our partners to be agents of progress, motivated by an unwavering dedication to improving our communities.

As a society, we are facing multiple challenges, including a rapidly growing population, climate change, and affordability issues, and we know that our rich data and unique insights can help identify significant changes and trends.
Through enhanced collaboration with our municipal partners and industry leaders, we will use our extensive data and knowledge to pioneer inventive solutions for tomorrow’s needs and opportunities, so we can keep our communities prosperous for generations to come.
We are acutely aware of the financial strains faced by municipalities and Ontarians, and to better support our partners, MPAC remains steadfast in managing our operations to help community leaders plan for the future.

Now more than ever, we will support municipal revenue through the valuation of new assessment. This past year, we set a record by adding an unprecedented $42 billion in new assessment to municipal rolls, and we aim to exceed this ambitious goal in 2024.
Alan Spacek
Chair, MPAC Board of Directors
We will also continue to maximize the municipal dividends from MPAC’s commercial revenue to offset the municipal levy and maximize our productivity with technological innovations.
I invite you to join us in our commitment to progress and our pursuit of excellence.
Alan Spacek
Chair, MPAC Board of Directors

Message from the President

As Ontario’s property experts, we intend to set new standards and redefine what it means to be at the forefront of the public sector in innovation.
In 2023, we began laying the foundation for our new strategic plan, which aligns with and supports the Government of Ontario’s review of the assessment and taxation system in this province, while underscoring our proactive approach to addressing emerging technologies and upcoming challenges.
We are partnering with municipal and provincial governments, industry stakeholders and commercial clients to collaboratively think about how we can leverage the data and insights we collect as part of our valuation work to better support Ontario. In fact, our daily interactions with our partners, stakeholders, and property owners, are critical to our planning for a better future.
Given our responsibility for Ontario’s property data, we also recognize our responsibility to safeguard data assets and to use technology ethically. In fact, MPAC has a long history of technical innovation. For example, we were one of the first public agencies in the cloud. Now, MPAC stands at the forefront of public service organizations who are ready to embrace artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning responsibly.
We are also committed to supporting the people behind the technology, motivating our employees to bring their innovative ideas to the table, by listening to and respecting every voice in our organization. A diverse workplace that reflects the Ontarians we serve is more than a moral imperative – it is a strategic advantage that helps us better understand the needs of the communities we live and work in.
Nicole McNeill
MPAC President and Chief Administrative Officer
MPAC’s unique ability to combine technical and human resources to capture the nuances of property markets, from Kenora to Chatham, has always been a key component of our success, and we will continue to invest in our people and our technology so that we can bring more value to Ontario.
Nicole McNeill
MPAC President and Chief Administrative Officer