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Empowering municipalities and property owners
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To help Ontarians understand MPAC and what we have to offer, we are constantly elevating the property owner and stakeholder experience by expanding value-added services and engagement opportunities.

Strengthening our ties with Ontario’s municipalities

To increase engagement within the municipal sector, MPAC’s Municipal and Stakeholder Relations team engaged in extensive educational initiatives in 2023.
These included hosting meetings, presenting council orientation sessions, attending conferences, delivering newsletters, and conducting monthly webinars on relevant topics.
MPAC also responded to 99.5 per cent of municipal inquiries within agreed service level timelines, reflecting our commitment to strong collaboration with municipalities.
Cambridge, Ontario

Consulting with our partners

recipients got MPAC’s monthly municipal newsletter, InTouch.
online visitors checked out our municipal toolkit.
online seminar attendees took part in eight municipal webinars delivered throughout the year.
municipal engagements took place.
council orientation meetings were delivered following the 2022 Municipal and School Board Elections.
Municipal conferences and events were attended across the province.

Introducing the new Data Sharing and Services Agreement

In collaboration with our Municipal Liaison Group and municipal legal teams, we updated and merged several existing MPAC-municipal agreements to create a new Data Sharing and Services Agreement (DSSA).
The purpose of designing the new DSSA is to modernize our data-sharing relationship and offer greater clarity to municipalities. It will also enable us to offer a flexible framework for future enhancements.
Merging documents such as our Service Level Agreement, Licensing Agreements and Data Use Terms and Conditions, will help address concerns over data sharing, municipal document protection, and obligations.
It will also clarify the permitted use of municipal data by MPAC, MPAC data by municipalities, and the scope of use for MPAC products, as well as external distribution.

Increasing communication with property owners

MPAC understands property assessment and taxation can be complex. To support the ongoing education of property owners, we extended our Property Assessment and Taxation social media campaign.     We also launched the First-time Homeowners’ Hub on mpac.ca. The new hub was designed for first-time property owners to help them navigate Ontario’s comprehensive property assessment and taxation system.    As MPAC works to keep our property data up to date, we introduced new ‘Contact Us’ and ‘Inspection’ notices earlier this year to increase communication and help property owners prepare for an
on-site inspection.
The new notices reflect feedback we received from property owners. They also answer some of the most frequent questions we receive. Key pieces of information added to the notices include: 
  • Reasons the property owner is receiving the ‘Contact Us’ and ‘Inspection’ notices.
  • What the next steps will be for the property owner. 
  • Details on what happens if the property owner does not respond. 
  • Instructions on where to go for more information. 
MPAC also improved our 2023 Property Assessment Notices to include the reason(s) that a property owner received the notice. We also directed property owners to AboutMyProperty™ on mpac.ca to learn more.
How to read your Property Assessment Notice

Unlocking the potential of AboutMyProperty™

MPAC’s AboutMyProperty™ is a powerful portal developed to empower property owners. It offers: 
  • Free access to the property details we have on file. 
  • Explanations on how we assessed their property. 
  • The ability to review assessment and sales information for properties in their neighbourhood. 
  • And processes for what to do if they disagree with their assessment. 
To enhance the property owner experience, we recently made improvements to AboutMyProperty™, including: 
  • Creating a new section to submit school board designation information electronically. 
  • Creating a new portal for commercial property owners to send their Property Income and Expense Returns. 
  • Clarifying how to update property information and how to submit a Request for Reconsideration (RfR). 
  • Adding new ways to browse neighbourhoods, with advanced filters. 
Welcome to AboutMyProperty™

MPAC Success Stories: How AboutMyProperty™ is helping MPAC increase transparency

AboutMyProperty™ has made accessing property data easier than ever.     By equipping Ontarians with a better understanding of how we value their property, AboutMyProperty™ plays a key role in fulfilling our commitment to transparency and accountability to Ontarians.     We were honoured to feature AboutMyProperty™ in the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario’s 2023 Transparency Showcase, which was a virtual exhibit featuring innovative and impactful transparency projects by public institutions.