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Driving value and added revenue
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By exploring commercial opportunities for MPAC data, we are reducing MPAC’s reliance on funding from municipalities.

Commercializing our leading technologies

For over two decades, MPAC has assessed and delivered accurate property assessments for over five million properties in Ontario. MPAC has achieved this long-term success by developing leading technologies and having a strong understanding of the systems required for modern property assessment.
MPAC’s commercial software and valuation teams leveraged our experience, innovation, and knowledge to develop a commercial property assessment software solution based on MPAC’s existing world-class infrastructure.
As our first international client, Tailte Éireann, the Valuation Office of Ireland, launched our product in 2023. Tailte Éireann is leveraging the tools configured by MPAC to deliver on their valuation mandate, and they will continue to use the product for the next five years.
As international interest grows and assessment jurisdictions continue to look to MPAC for our expertise and technological innovations, we will grow our commercial software business. The additional revenue stream will continue to offset the municipal levy as we deliver on our statutory responsibility to Ontario.
Cornwall, Ontario
To see the services tailored for Tailte Éireann, watch the video below

Realizing our potential with Ontario’s REALTORS®

MPAC’s inventory of real property information helps Ontario’s REALTORS® move their business forward.    In 2023, MPAC’s Business Development division focused on developing strong relationships within Ontario’s real estate community. To reach our business goals, we shared our knowledge as Ontario’s property experts with all REALTORS® across Ontario. 
46,000 Real Estate Agents received our REALTOR® focused newsletters, and 14,000 Real Estate Agents joined MPAC for 240 training sessions. We also attended 20 real estate industry events.

Providing greater functionality with propertyline™

MPAC’s propertyline platform provides our commercial customers with access to real-time property information and a variety of reports, such as our industry-leading Automated Valuation Model (AVM) products.

In 2023, MPAC migrated the online management of propertyline in-house. This change resulted in substantial cost savings, and it has enabled our IT department to enhance platform functionality.
Further integrating MPAC’s data into the platform has allowed us to enhance functionality by introducing these new features:
  • A new property type layer.
  • Better measuring tools.
  • A new display tab for property assessment details.
  • Increased marketing and training capabilities, such as the potential for coupon codes.
MPAC’s propertyline™ was also featured in the Proptech in Canada 2023 report, which highlighted our leadership in the Property Data and Appraisal category. 
Brampton, Ontario
“Partnerships fortified by property data play a crucial role in the dynamic landscape of the real estate industry. These connections allow us to harness diverse expertise and insights, enabling us to unlock even more innovative opportunities and drive transformative growth.”
Lee Taylor
Vice-President, Business Development

MPAC Success Stories: Commemorating 20 years in business development

2023 marks our 20th anniversary in business! Since 2003, we generated $270 million in revenue, which offsets the municipal levy. These returns also allow us to invest in our business operations so we can be innovative, inventive, and stay ahead of the curve.